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Fill2Pure water filtration technology filters out more toxins, chemicals and contaminants than comparable water filters on the market, offering proven filtration results rather than vague statements to back up their claims. Our filters have been independently tested in laboratories around the world.

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Our water filters remove up to:

  • 90% fluoride
  • 99.99% chlorine
  • 99.00% lead
  • 99.00% aluminium
  • 99.99% virus
  • 99.99% bacteria
  • 98.50% copper

and much more.

Products and services

Fill2Pure specialise in portable water filters with bottles and jugs as the dominant products.

Water filter bottles

Water filter jugs

Worried about fluoride? Fill2Pure fluoride water filters reduce the fluoride levels by 90+ per cent.

Enjoy Cleaner water today with Fill2Pure

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Fill2Pure Water Filters
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